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" I can't believe this course is FREE ! You can tell Janya has put her heart into this beautiful course. I would highly recommend her work to help you discover what's holding you back. I know its helped me to create a shift in myself and in my own business. " ~ Tequiera Howes, Web Design & Branding, Juno Design Studio




I want to tell you the story about a girl whose life was full of fear and anxiety. Since she was a child, her life had been a complete mess. Throughout her life, negative situations and events that happened over and over were the norm - Different faces, different places, but always the same similar, but negative circumstances.

Every part of her life was a complete disaster – From her relationships to her financial situation. Even her health was always something precarious. She was hopelessly lost, lonely, and depressed.

Fast-Forward two decades - While being a stay home mom and trying to start her business with the backdrop of all of these 'unfortunate circumstances' that she believed we just her bad luck. The truth was, that she had so many fears and limiting beliefs that were holding her back from starting and creating a successful business.

One day, after yet another in the series of her life’s disappointments, she realized that she couldn’t live like this anymore. Something had to change – and that something was her! After years of denials, she finally recognized that she was allowing circumstances to determine her responses and attitudes. She recognized that she may not be able to control all of those circumstances, but she could control how she responded to them and how she moved past them. She recognized that it was SHE who would have to change in order to create a new and better reality for her life.

So she made the CHOICE to change by doing a lot of mindset work and completely shifting the way she saw her life and everyone in it in doing so, she creating an amazing freedom business for herself.

This girl was me.

Several years ago I became interested in learning about mindset and universal laws, especially The Law of Attraction, so that I could better myself. As I started to immerse myself in study, I slowly began to change. I was not successful overnight in these changes, but today I can proudly say that I am exactly where I always wanted to be. I am happily married to my best friend and am the mom of 2 wonderful boys, doing what I truly love. In 2012 I created one of the largest pages anywhere on Facebook - Quantum World Awaken Your Mind now has over 2.7 million members and the group QWAYM which has over 127,000 members. As I felt called in a new direction, I decided to sell my website a few years later.

I recently decided to shift gears, taking everything I learned while creating this global web presence and Facebook group and focusing exclusively on working with women who are aspiring entrepreneurs and I couldn't be happier. My group is the Prosperous Women Tribe and I look forward to seeing you there!

My mission (and my true passion) is to help as many women as I possibly can to become the best version of themselves and to take their businesses to the next level.

I have been helping people to better their lives for several years now and found that as I help others, I also help myself. I have been through many different trainings with Tony Robbins and other amazing coaches and I have had some of the best mentors anyone could imagine. I now know that my true mission in life is to help and inspire as many women as I can.  

That's why I am here. I know with absolute certainty that if I could get through the lows of my life and grow my businesses, that anyone else can too. Let me help you to become a better you on your way to success. Are you ready to step onto your Path to Prosperity?


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