Date with destiny was my first Tony Robbins event


After watching Tony Robbins' ‘I am not your guru’ on Netflix I knew I had to attend this event. I was right, it was absolutely mind blowing! The energy was amazing with over 3000 people from 69 countries. I met so many amazing people with whom I shared this life-changing experience. We would start every day at 11 in the morning and not finish until 2am or later the following morning. All this with almost no breaks made this an incredibly intense event.
Much of the information we learned I am still processing, but I want to share with you the main things I took from this process. Throughout the entire event, we participated in very powerful meditations that caused a deep evaluation of our personal values. One of my favorite questions that Tony asked repeatedly throughout the event was, "Is life happening FOR you, or is it happening TO you?" 
So many of us spend all of our time focusing on our past hurts and disappointments, constantly playing the blame game that at the end of it, end up hurting no one but ourselves. If we just changed that simple belief and trusted that life is always happening 'FOR us instead of TO us', focusing on seeing the positive meaning in everything that happens to us, our lives would improve drastically.
What if all the 'problems' we have are actually some of our lives greatest gifts? What if all those who persecute us, judge us, and are critical of us are actually angels in disguise, constantly working to help us become stronger and better? If not for the pain and suffering that we must endure because of them, would we not be sitting where we are right now; seeking to be stronger, to grow, to achieve? 
Why don't we just change our perspective and look at life through a different lens? If we would just find positive meaning in everything, how would our lives would be different? Better? All events in our lives are perfectly natural; it's the meaning we give to all the events the either makes it positive or negative - that makes us victims or victors. 
Another important take-away for me was that many of us live in our heads instead of in our hearts. Tony kept saying "Stay in your head and you are dead". It's true, stay in your head and you are dead. Your head will always think you into pain and misery. In today's busy world we are constantly on the go, responding to situations on autopilot. Many of us constantly rationalizing everything with our heads, instead listening to our hearts. If only we could truly come to our own essence and listen to our hearts, our lives would be much more pleasant because our hearts know all the answers. This event totally changed the way I see my life and my past experiences. I know for sure my life will never be the same again and I will live fully from my heart instead of being a prisoner to my mind.

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